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5 Signs You Need a New Roof
Signs You Need a New Roof

While investing in a new roof may not be among the things you’d love to buy, it can be a necessary task of home ownership. Knowing when to replace the roof can help you avoid property damage from a roof that’s past its prime and no longer provides the proper home protection. Read on to explore the five signs indicating it’s time for a new roof, so you can make a smart investment when the time is right.

#1: Continual Roof Leaks

If your roof is experiencing repeated leaks and you must repair it frequently, this is a major red flag that it’s time for a new roof. While it’s easy to ignore small leaks, they are signs the roof is no longer doing its job to keep water out of your home. Signs of roof leaks include moss growing on the roof and a high humidity level in the home.

Investing in a new roof will eventually pay for itself because you’ll no longer need to pay for repeated roof leak repair, and you’ll prevent costly home water damage.

#2: Missing, Curled, or Cracked Shingles or Roof Tiles

All roofing shingles and tiles have a life expectancy range, depending on the material. When they reach the end of the road, they may begin to curl, break, fall off, or have blotchy coloring. Once this happens, it’s time to consider a new roof.

#3: Interior Home Water Damage

A roof at the end of its lifespan will often begin to let water into the home. As a result, you may notice water-stained ceilings and walls, a sagging ceiling, a mildew odor, and a high humidity level. A roof inspection can help you determine the extent of the roofing damage and whether a repair or replacement is your best option.

#4: Excessive Gutter Build-up

A build-up of roofing granules or other roofing materials in your gutter signals the need for a new roof. Unfortunately, roof decay only worsens as time goes by, so it’s essential to address the issue at the first warning signs.

#5: Reaching the Maximum Roof Lifespan

In most cases, the type and age of your roofing materials will determine when you need to invest in a new roof. Here are some common roof types and their lifespans:

  • Asphalt shingles: 15-30 years
  • Metal roof: 40-70 years
  • Wooden shingles: 30 years
  • Clay tile roof: 50 to 100 years
  • Flat roof: 10-15 years

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